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Welcomes You To Our Pride

We breed and raise healthy and happy kittens that may become true friends to you and your family. With these lovely companions, you will find yourself rushing home to their adorable faces greeting you at the door and enjoy the company of their impossibly sweet personality.


Available Kittens

Gender: Femaleale
Gender: Male
Gender: Femaale
Gender: Male
Gender: Male
Gender: Femaleale
"Luna is doing so good! She's adapting well! She's so curious - running around & exploring. We just love her so much already! It's hard to believe how much you can love a pet so soon?!
Hullena Spur
"I had him in my computer room with his litter and food and water – with the other cats. But so many of the visitors were so enamoured by him – that they kept visiting when I wasn’t.
Karka Kitts
I am so happy with Romeo. He is so fast turning into an incredible cat. Purrs each time I touch him. Sleeps with me at night. Likes being held. Licks everyone on the face.
Micheal Black