Best Companion Love


Luna – Smoke Scottish Fold

“Luna is doing so good! She’s adapting well! She’s so curious – running around & exploring. We just love her so much already! It’s hard to believe how much you can love a pet so soon?!
Thanks again for everything. You’ve made this first experience amazing for us! I was so scared to buy from a breeder that wasn’t local and you’ve put every fear I had aside! You were personable, honest, helpful! I really appreciate it!”
Hullena Spur

Freki – Silver Tabby Scottish Fold

“I had him in my computer room with his litter and food and water – with the other cats.  But so many of the visitors were so enamoured by him – that they kept visiting when I wasn’t.   So he did the rounds.  All 3 cats are all getting along so well.   My older male cat hangs with him often now.  He was licking the older female last night and she was letting him!  I’m so happy that they’ve bonded so quickly.

He is turning into an incredible cat.  Purrs each time I touch him.  Sleeps with me at night.  Likes being held.  Licks everyone on the face.   Not shy at all – very sociable.   I can’t thank you enough for such an awesome cat.   Everybody has been taken by him – they want to take him home!”

Karka Kitts

“Thanks for all the help and info.
He’s been super good when I’m with him and he slept with me all night.
I’m trying not to spoil him too much.
Very cuddly and funny guy. “
Micheal Black